Our Vision, Mission, & Tenets

Thunder Valley Racing


Thunder Valley Racing is the place for women racers to find

and follow their racing dreams.


To support the vision, the mission of the Thunder Valley Racing organization will be to serve the community of women racers:

·         Thunder Valley Racing serves as the leading source of information about women in racing

·         Thunder Valley Racing serves as the leading source of products and related services to meet the specific needs of women drivers and their race teams.

·         Thunder Valley Racing serves as the place for women drivers to build and connect with an online community of other women drivers and teams.

·         Thunder Valley Racing provides aspiring women drivers with a grassroots level Driver Development Program which actively searches the racing world for upcoming talent and connects them to funding, products, and technical support.


Tenets of Service

We believe in developing relationships with leading manufacturers and distributors in the motorsports industry that are based on trust, and are created for the purpose of serving and advancing the role of women in racing.

We believe women are “gearheads” too, and that creating an online community where women racers can connect with each other will better enable each of them to find their racing destiny.