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Michelle Throttles Myrtle

Michelle Theriault
the young driver delivered…

Rumor has it that it was a knock down drag out weekend in Myrtle Beach and the battle was hands-on Saturday as Michelle Theriault, driving the Nesbitt racing TEAM GLOCK Ford Fusion, woman handled the track for a 15 th place finish.  The day proved to be just as trying as the evening, but the young driver delivered as the race came to a conclusion.

“We had struggled getting the car ready for this race.  The Mansfield race took out the rear-end, and the crew had to put the car back together quickly between the North and South race.  Coming off the trailer, we had a good car, but like the drivers around me, we all had issues that would need to be straightened out during the race,” stated Theriault.  The issues of the car would be remedied by adjustments made in the pits and new BF Goodrich tires, as the last 25 laps would prove to be her best.

Qualifying at 32 nd, the team was actually in much better shape than the qualifying position would indicate.  “Of the cars that qualified in front of her, she was within a half second of qualifying for the pole.  This shows the parity of the Southern Division,” stated Team Owner Martin Nesbitt.  “Each race gets tighter and tighter with the competition.  With 32 cars being separated by a mere half second between the lot of them, it means there is going to be some tight racing all night long.”

60 laps run under caution…

The Aaron’s 250 was not without some excitement and carnage as 60 laps were run under caution and 1 red flag was waved during the race.  “The major pileup of the evening happened right in front of Michelle,” stated Spotter Bruce Danz, and there wasn’t much I could do to help her.  In a split second the field spread all over turn four yet Michelle wiggled her way through the only hole in the melee to keep from being collected.”

Indeed, the .45 Ford Fusion came out of the race intact and pulled away a top 15 finish.  With little damage to the vehicle, the Nesbitt squad will now devote more time to the details as they prepare for Hickory Motor Speedway on July 8.

“This year has been a great opportunity for me to work out the details of short track racing,” claimed Theriault.  “The good teams prepare well, the great teams race well.  My job is to race well and make this team great.”

Michelle Theriault

Prior to the Black’s Tire Golf Tournament and Race, Theriault took a trip to Atlantic City to represent her sponsor, GLOCK, at the Police and Security Expo.  “The event was a great opportunity to represent USAR, Hooters and Stock Car Racing to GLOCK’s appreciative customers, stated Theriault.  “It seems like everywhere we go, people want to know about USAR and the racing series.  With GLOCK, we gain instant fans of the racing program we have this year.”

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