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Racer Profiles Archives
Eileen (E.T.) Thomas

Type of Racing: Sports Car

Race Series: NASA, SCCA Pro racing

Introduction: E.T. has always driven fast sports cars. One day, she learned that she could drive her sports car on a "real" racetrack! She graduated from the NASA High Performance Driving School and obtained her competition license from both NASA and SCCA.

E.T. won Rookie of the year and placed third overall in 2004. She placed second overall in the 2004 endurance series.

Racing is a passion that E.T. decided to make full-time. So she opened a competition driving school at Reno-Fernley Raceway in October 2003. E.T. wants all of her students to enjoy road racing and have fun. This is done by focusing on driving technique. Her school is very personalized, which makes her students keep coming back for more.

E.T. has been racing in the Spec Miata class. She is coached by Dave Brown, NASCAR driver in the Southwest Tour. She also races the NASA endurance race series. She has survived the 2003 and 2004 25-hour endurance races and is looking forward to a podium finish in 2005!

Current Season: E.T. is racing in the Spec Miata series with NASA. If time permits, she hopes to get some time to race in the SCCA Spec Miata series. She is also racing in the 2005 NASA Endurance series with her teammate, Will Faules. E.T.is currently in third place overall for the 2005 season in both Spec Miata and Endurance.

Racing Goals: E.T.'s goal for this year is to be at the top of her game in the Spec Miata series, completing the year with a podium finish. She is also looking forward to a podium finish in the 2005 25-hour endurance race.
E.T. is looking forward to racing with more horsepower. The Spec Miata has been great for learning racing technique. Next year, E.T. will begin racing high-powered Camaros. She will begin practincing with the camaro next month.

Personal: E.T. moved from San Francisco to Stagecoach, Nevada, where she bought her ranch house. E.T. owns The next Level Driving School at Reno-Fernley Raceway. In addition to racing cars, E.T. races Arabian horses in endurance rides. E.T. has travelled extensively around the world. During her travels, she has gained an in-depth appreciation for fine food and wines. She now practices cooking and loves to entertain at her ranch house.

Special Thanks to: E.T. wants to thank the following individuals for their support of her racing career: Dave Brown, Donny Edwards, Kelly Reynolds, Albert Butterfield, Vicman Ng, Jerry Kunzman, the rest of her NASA family and Bob Forrest.
She also wants to thank the following sponsors for their continuing support: Chatterbox, Racetech, Mazda Recycling, Speedtoys, and Team3S.

Eileen  (E.T.) Thomas

Email Eileen (E.T.)

Eileen (E.T.)'s Website


Eileen  (E.T.) Thomas

Eileen  (E.T.) Thomas

Eileen  (E.T.) Thomas

Eileen  (E.T.) Thomas