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Racer Profiles Archives
Angie Thibideau

Type of Racing: Other

Race Series: Saratoga Speedway, British Columbia Canada, Crash to Pass, Amateur

Introduction: It all started in 1999 with a now extinct class of cars called the "Roadhogs". The driver had control of the steering wheel and brakes, but the gas pedal was located on the passenger side, being operated by the co-driver. After getting her feet wet as the throttle-person for a friend, Angie was hooked immediately.

For the 2000 season she went looking for her own car, ending up with a 73 Pontiac LeMans already built, complete with roll cage. She picked the number 40 and added a "+" sign, calling it her "Midlife Crisis Car". Despite several different more or less skillful/reliable co-pilots, she won ?Rookie of the Year? that year.

When the class folded in 2002, she sold her baby, but wasn't quite done with racing yet. Angie's now ex-boyfriend Al had raced in the Crash to Pass class off and on when he wasn't working on weekends and she was his one woman pit crew/back up driver. She got her chance when he was unable to drive one race day and she did so well, it just made sense for them to trade places permanently. "It's not necessarily that I'm the better driver, but Al was a much better pit crew than me!" she says, laughing.

Angie earned "Rookie of the Year" and 6th in points overall at Saratoga Speedway in 2003 as their first ever female Crash to Pass driver, hence her track nickname ?First Lady of Crash to Pass?. Getting off to a bad start in 2004 with both mechanical and health problems, she still managed to move up to 5th in points for the year.

The first race of the 2005 season was on April 9th, with Angie winning the first event, which was a memorial trophy dash for the late flag man of Saratoga Speedway. After replacing the transmission between the first and second race date, Angie timed in as one of the top 3 fastest cars every time out. She got her highest main event finish ever in the Crash to Pass class with a second place on July 2nd, 2005 and finished the season 3rd in points overall.

Current Season: Angie decided to take some time off from Crash to Pass as her boyfriend Dave has got her interested in drag racing. She made it to the semi-finals in the street car class her first time out and, you never know, might end up with another ?Rookie of the Year? trophy if she can keep it up.

Racing Goals: Although she wouldn?t mind driving a "real" race car like NASCAR one day, from her experience with friends in the stock car class, things get so much more political, serious and expensive, in other words: complicated. Angie likes to have fun on a budget and doesn?t mind trying to charm her way to a better price for a used radiator of questionable quality from a local junkyard owner or buying cold beer for her tire sponsors at the end of a hot day in appreciation of their help.

She?d also like to participate in one of the racing school events to maybe learn some of the secrets to better driving and handling of a car.

Personal: Angie moved to Canada from Germany in 1982, now making her home on Vancouver Island BC where she lives with her dog Beau and cat Smokey. She?s been employed in the financial services industry for over 15 years and sometimes wears dark nailpolish to hide her after hours passion for working on cars.

Special Thanks to: Angie would like to thank her sponsors Harold from OK Tire and Johnny Mac from Little John?s Towing for their continued support over the years.