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Racer Profiles Archives
Kim Robbins

Type of Racing: Sports Car

Race Series: Mini stock (amateur)Hornet Racing

Introduction: Racing became a bug after Kim assisted another driver the year before as a pit crew member. Her daughter suggested they turn the Honda CRX SI into a racing car so that they could race. She was third in points the first year 2004 very quickly climbing the points ladder.

Kim's x-husband is a mechanic by trade and built this car to handle the track from engine to suspension, he to was a crew member for other drivers. Doing this as a family makes it a great experience.

Current Season: Kim is now racing the mini stocks (Hornet division) and is number #1 in points. She now has two Honda CRX SI at the track - her daughter drives the #42 car and she is still driving the #47 car.

She has recently been forced to add 400 pounds to her car due to her driving skill and speed on the track. This was an imposed penalty due to winning 6 of the calendered 8 races, the other 2 races being won by her sister car. The added weight has exceeded the GVW of the car and has caused suspension issues, however her x-husband says he can make it work. These cars are stock engines to the suspension and there isn't a whole lot you can do it's all skill at this point while your car rides the bump stops.

Kim is very disappointed at this point for being penalized for being a very good driver and the only car with a weight impairment.

Since the penalty was enforced, there has been 4 new wins (making a total of 10) - this time was even more special due to the fact Kim did it with the extra 400 pounds in that little tiny Honda Crx Si. Her daughter did a very respectful 6th place this week and 5th the week before. The field of cars has increased to 14 on average.

Kim and her daughter are trying to get sponsored for the womens formula race in Rockingham England right now, but we will see what happens.

Racing Goals: Kim has ideals of being able to race at a Nascar sanctioned race. Not having a car to try on such a track makes it impossible right now. She says the family would love to this all of them together they work so well together as a team.

Personal: Kim is single and lives in Reno Nevada with her daughter and x-husband. She lives in the country has a couple of dogs and a few cats (actually the cats belong to the daughter). Her hobbies are gardening, motorcycle riding, swimming, and of course racing. She grew up going to motocross races and is familiar with the jargon and the rules of competition.

Kim is in the Criminal Justice Profession until she becomes a Nascar racer. Her family is the most important thing in the world to her and keeping the bond they have is what motivates her every day. In her mind there is nothing more precious than the gift God gives which is your children. She was told she had cancer when her son was born and could not have any other children as it would take her life if she had any more. When the time came to have cancer surgery she was pregnaunt with her daughter and the idea of her death wasn't a factor; that little baby however, was. Given 5-10 years to live after the birth of her son was something she just didn't hold onto, she went forward with her life as if nothing had ever been discovered. She is still with us today for all to see and hopefully on the race track with her daughter in tow (maybe in front sometimes) as they live everyday to the fullest and enjoy every moment.

Special Thanks to: Kim would like to thank her x-husband Michael Robbins for putting so much time and effort into building these little red Honda's for she and her daughter to race. If he wasn't the mechanic he is these cars and many others wouldn't be on the track today. She would also like to thank Trimline accessories for being her sponsor along with Cornwell tools. To Al Goss for his driving instruction over the last year, and her mother for just being her mom and teaching her that if you want something bad enough you never give up. There is a reason they call her the Rocketship Robbins.