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Racer Profiles Archives
Haley Barnett

Type of Racing: Open Wheel

Race Series: Wolverine Outlawed Winged Midget Series(WOWMS)

Introduction: Haley started racing Quarter Midgets when she was thirteen years old. Her second cousin was racing and had offered her one of his cars to run in. She automatically fell in love with the car, so her and her dad soon purchased one of their own cars. After that they then purchased another car for another class and then shortly after another for another class. So, by the time she was 15 they had three cars total and were running in three different classes.

When Haley turned fifteen they began to look in other directions of racing because in another year she would have to retire from Quarter Midgets. So, at the age of sixteen Haley and her dad entered into the Wolverine Outlawed Winged Midget Series.

The first year was really a struggle for her and her dad. The car was in bad shape and the motor was even worse. Throughout the year they got the race car put together and somewhat running well, but the motor still wasn't running right. At the end of the year she ended up 13th in points and still was having motor problems. Over the winter they would tear the motor apart and try to make things better for the coming year.

Current Season: Kalamazoo Speedway 2005 - 2nd to Sarah Fisher in Number of Females to win a feature at Kalamazoo

Only female to win a feature in the wolverine Winged Midget series
2006 Updates-With a Fresh Gearte engine and a more reliable Chasiss
Haley will be running approx. 23 shows with the USAC Regional Series
in the Midwest

Racing Goals: Sometime in the next couple of years Haley hopes to pick up racing the sprint car on dirt again like she was earlier this year, but had dropped to concentrate on the midget.

Haley would also like to hopefully finish in the top five for points in the Midget series within the next couple of years. She would like to sometime enter the ASA Racing Series. Maybe, one day she will get someone to notice her so she can go start going through the steps of making it to NASCAR. Going into the Busch Racing Series and going into the Nextel Racing Series.

Personal: Haley is currently a Senior at Marshall High School in Marshall Michigan. She likes to play basketball and read. Her favorite books are Steven Spielberg, and other mind bending horrors. She likes to hang out with her friends and have fun. She likes traveling and doing things with her dad. She also likes to spend time with her sister and brother, and often spends time with her three nieces and nephew. She likes to be very close with her family and do family type things.

Special Thanks to: Haley would first and foremost like to thank God for giving her this talent and for giving her father the ability and talent to give her good race cars. She would like to thank her dad for supporting her and always giving her the best he could. She would also like to thank all her sponsers for supporting her through her racing career: Whittles Performance, Ewing RV, Drakes Batter Mix, Stones Garage, Wheeler Insulation, Barnett Construction, and Insulation Wholesale Supply.

Haley Barnett

Email Haley

Instant Messaging: HaleyByrd14


Haley Barnett

Haley Barnett

Haley Barnett

Haley Barnett