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Racer Profiles Archives
Marissa Nelmes

Type of Racing: Stock Car

Race Series: Driver of the #2AM in her second season 1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Thriller Division at Mountain Speedway in Drums, Pennsylvania

Introduction: Marissa started racing in 2004 after watching Jason Makarewicz,her boyfriend race Late Model for the previous three years. She first wanted to try Street Stock but after some much advised conversation with fellow racing peers her and her boyfriend set out to find a suitable car. The original intensions of this family racing team was for Marissa and April Makarewicz to "share" the seat of the 2AM Thriller but after a slight run in with some flames, April decided it would be safer to run for Ms. Mountain. Marissa finished second in the points for her Rookie year and received "Rookie of the Year" award.

Current Season: Having to compete against her own record from her rookie year, Marissa had her goals set high for her second season in the Thriller class. She did not have a good start due to some mechanical difficulties with the car but after alot of work done by Jason and help from everyone else in the team she managed to win her first, second, third, and fourth heat racs thru out her second year. She still would love to win the race that counts (Feature) but everyone knows that you have to start somewhere and for her second season in a race car she believes that this is great.

Racing Goals: Marissa never imagined herself behind the wheel of a racecar, however when she climbs in and tightens that five point harness it just feels right. You never know what is in store for us down the road but she hopes maybe someday Jason will step down and let her give driving a Late Model a try. She feels that she has come quite far in her racing career and plans to keep the pedal to the metal and move up in classes.

Personal: Marissa has always had the #1 goal of getting married, buying a house, and having children. Apparently there were other plans for her. She is a nurse and loves to help others, whether it be helping them with their health or helping them spin out in turn two. (Just Kidding). At the present time, Marissa and Jason are not married or even engaged or even living together but they spend alot of time together and love doing so.

Special Thanks to: Marissa would like to thank everyone that has been there for her thru out her whole life. However, special thanks goes to her mother Michele, her stepfather Joe, Kevin & April Makarewicz, Ed & Torie Makarewicz, Jeff & Danielle Owler, Jerry Brighthaup, and "Flea". An extra special thanks goes to Ed & Fran Makarewicz for the patience with the extra car in the garage. And how can she forget to thank Jason, who in all ways had made her life everything that it is today.