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Racer Profiles Archives
Jordan Weaver

Type of Racing: Open Wheel

Race Series: Go-Karts, WKA
Classs- Junior 2

Micro Sprints
Class- A-Class, Non wing, Multi, Pro

Introduction: Jordan Weaver has been racing for six years. She raced four years of go karts and so far two years of micro sprints. From ages ten to eleven she raced go karts in the junior one division she won over twenty-five features, and over fifty heat race wins. She traveled almost every weekend competting in events.

From ages twelve to thirteen she hot laped a NASCAR style truck and did very well. She also competed in the junior one and junior two divisons. She won a lot of very big races such as the turkey classic twice and she competted in the tulsa shootout. She had over fifty a main feature wins and she won over one hundred heat races.

Ages fourteen to fifteen, so far she is now competting aginst people that are older than her. She is running a 600cc micro mini sprint and she has won thirty a feature events and over fifty heat races. She competted in the tulsa shootout and she finished eighth in the a main out of one-hundred and ten cars.

Current Season: This current season Jordan has been racing Micro Sprint cars. They have a 600cc motor cycle engine on them and they run from fifty to eighty mph, it really depends on the track size and its conditions. She placed third in the overall park city raceway points series in the a class. In the multi division she placed fourth in the overal points. She competted in the ten-thousand to win race at i-30 speedway in Arkansas and she competed at several surounding track events. She competted in the tulsa shootout and she finished eighth.

Racing Goals: Jordan really wants to keep moving up in her racing career. She really wants to make it to NASCAR and be a very strong competitor. She loves to watch all the big time racers compete. She would like to get on aspault by the time she turns sixteen. She has ran a NASCAR style racing truck and she did excellent in it. She had never really been on aspault untill then and she did better than the guy that normally raced it.

Personal: Jordan is very competitive she loves to hang out with her friends. She works on her racecar a lot. She attends Circle High School she play basketball, runs track. She loves to skateboard, ride her scooter all around. She has a trampoline that she jumps on all the time with her friends. She just loves to have a very good time.

Special Thanks to: Jordan Weaver has had a lot of help from a lot of people but the one that she really wants to thank is her mom and dad. They have always stood behind her no matter what, and Hiper carbon fiber racing wheels they supply all of the wheels that she runs on her micro sprint.

Jordan Weaver

Email Jordan

Instant Messaging: AIM= jr2racer92


Jordan Weaver

Jordan Weaver

Jordan Weaver

Jordan Weaver