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United Business to Announce 2013 Sports Programme for Molly Taylor

The brilliant 2012 sports season of Molly Taylor and Seb Marshall has just ended, with yet another strong performance at Wales Rally GB on board the Citroen DS3 R3T with the United Business livery. At the finish in Cardiff, after a race which saw them win stages, occupy the leadership and stand out in their class battling with fast and more experienced drivers, the crew received two important awards: Molly won the Richard Burns Trophy and Seb was awarded the Michael Park Trophy as the best British non-priority drivers.

Molly Taylor said: “I cannot believe the 2012 season is already over, it passed so quickly … Earlier this year I did not know what we would able to do, then came the opportunity to work with United Business and I was offered the DS3 R3 followed by BP Racing; I had a serious programme, with tests, international events, a dream come true, for me it was a big step forward and a steep learning curve, I am pleased with the progress we made. Pier Liberali of United Business, the company that takes care of my sports management, was present at Wales Rally GB and we started our planning for 2013. This year, Vittorio Caneva and Fabrizia Pons have been invaluable to me, their advice and  lessons helped me a lot, I hope that they will be able to follow me again in 2013, their friendship and teachings are very important to me“.

Seb Marshall said: “It has been a short but very rewarding year, doing some of my favourite rallyes. Both Molly and I very much liked working with United Business, they are very professional and determined, BP Racing is which took care of our car is made of great people, with full technical knowledge, enthusiastic and indefatigable. Molly drove brilliantly, while maintaining an incredible desire to succeed. Now we look to 2013, hoping for another exciting year of rallying“.

United Business have almost completed planning the 2013 season for Molly Taylor and Seb Marshall, only a few details are missing but for now, as in United Business style, there are no anticipations, the 2013 sports programme will be announced by the end of October, the aim being to capitalize on the experience gained in 2012 and continue the growth process of this Australian girl, who this year has impressed all the insiders, for the determination and speed shown.  Just wait for the end of October to know the programme that United Business has prepared for Molly Taylor and Seb Marshall.