Editor's Notebooks

Want to Follow Your Dream…..Set Goals!

Excerpted from Reach Your Goals by Linda Byars Swindling

Set Goals
Successful goal setting starts with clarity about expectations and outcomes. Some questions to help determine the best goals to set are:

  • What specifically do I want?
  • Why? What are my compelling reasons?
  • What is the potential reward or impact?
  • Whom do the results matter to?
  • Which people need to be involved?
  • What am I willing to invest or sacrifice?
  • When would I stop pursuing or quit?

Guideline to setting goals
Outlining a goal increases the probability it will be accomplished. Some guidelines are:

  • Focus on results and opportunities.
  • Use positive, meaningful language.
  • Personalize to your values and purpose.
  • Write it down with a deadline.
  • Use clear, simple and specific words.
  • Make it exciting or challenging.
  • Build in reminders and milestones.
  • Create a contract with yourself or others.
  • Craft a way to visualize the goal.
  • Set short and long-term objectives.
  • Analyze for problems and solutions.

Checkpoint: Write your goals in the present tense as if the results have already been obtained.